Miraculous Mayhem


Mayhem: a state of rowdy disorder (www.dictionary.com)

Sometimes it feels like I live in constant mayhem. EVERY. DAY.

I have the feeling that maybe you do too.

In fact, I would bet on it. Because I see it everywhere: in my life and in the lives of the many women around me. MAYHEM… disorder… chaos… They reign in this world.

From the young pre-teen woman struggling to make sense of newfound freedoms while guarding her innocence from pressures to be gorgeous and smart and different but the same…

To the college junior who has no idea what she wants for her life but is trying to make something of herself as a woman while also longing for the romance and companionship of Mr. Right…

To the newlywed bride home from the honeymoon to find that this was not what she thought, He is not who she thought, and the house does not clean itself, bills do not pay themselves, and being an adult stinks

To the young mom losing her mind because she has not slept more than 3 hours straight in 6 months and she is not only caretaking 100% of the time now, but she is also grieving the loss of her self, her personal, space, and her mind…

To the mid-life menopausal mess that is not only dealing with the fact that her babies could potentially have babies, but her body is not what it used to be and she literally has no control over anything anymore…

To the end-of-life matriarchal moments where everything finally comes into perspective and there is not enough time left and she begins to recognize that there are future moments coming that she will not be able to be present for no matter how hard she tries…

and the many, many, many women in between.

And that is where the idea for this blog came into being: in a moment of prayerful groaning about another mayhemic (I might have made that word up) moment when I cried out once again that there has to be more than this. There has to be more than the mundane and the monotony, more than just wake up, survive, try to sleep; rinse and repeat among all the stages above. More than the stories above with their own unique details. My heart and mind and soul scream in one accord that there has to be meaning amidst the mayhem.

And the word that was whispered in return…


Miraculous? Yes. Say it again Lord? MIRACULOUS. Each of these moments, as messy and crazy and hard and happy and everything else, are amazing miracles meant to be noticed and savored and shared in this journey we call life. What would it look like if I lived this way? If I viewed my mayhem through the lens of the miraculous? If I viewed my marriage, my mothering, MY SELF, as miracles in the moments?

I guess we will see; as this blog is my record of just that… of intentionally choosing to live out my mayhem as MIRACULOUS and to “make the most of my marriage, mothering and the miscellaneous.” 🙂

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