Make it Happen…

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Did you know there is a miracle that resides in those three, seemingly innocent words?

Make. It. Happen.  

There may not be one in there for you, but there sure is one for me. Because I have been trying to make this happen for years: this website, this blog, and this writing that has been haunting me for as long as I can remember but has remained hidden in journal after journal like the one so beautifully photographed above (thanks Em!).

Why the delay?  What makes the “making it happen” so hard? Why is there a miracle for me?

Because without the miracle I can tell you that my IT would NEVER happen. Without the calling that is relentlessly tugging at my spirit, without the incessant and annoying but very much appreciated encouragement of those who really know me, and without the truth of Christ hidden in my heart that He will never leave me nor forsake me, I would NEVER, EVER do this. Maybe you know this feeling too…

But why??

Because I am scared. Honestly, I have always been scared. Ask any of my friends and they can probably tell you my multiple wacky fears (showers with curtains, windows at night, frisbees, spiders, toilets flushing LOL) but most of them would not mention the fear that has followed me for as long as I can remember: FAILING.

What if I FAIL? What if I write and write and write and put myself out there and it all blows up in my face? What if my words come out wrong and no one understands and I mess up?  What if writing really isn’t my calling and I misheard? What if? What if? What if?

So I write in the journal like the one above, and I keep the words a secret, hidden because at least they are “written” down but not out there for all to see. I take my time in making it happen because procrastination allows for the justification that one day it will happen, just not today. I can prolong the inevitable, hide from the fear, and still feel good about myself because I am in process (right?). And I know I am not the only one, because I talk to people like you and me everyday who are wanting but waiting because it is scary to actually do.

And the miracle?

And then the miracle happens. Not when I expected it, but at just the right time. I get called out without anyone knowing but me: “sometimes Satan uses procrastination to keep us in a state of not happening” (thanks to The Rev; you will hear more about him throughout this journey, I am sure… but for now, know he is a trusted spiritual mentor that I love and respect dearly and has spoken many words of truth over me throughout the years). If I am not actually DOING IT, then I am not really MAKING IT HAPPEN. Regardless of the fears, regardless of the what ifs, regardless of the potential for failure.

So I chew on the truth and it gets to me. If you are not actually DOING IT, then you are not really MAKING IT HAPPEN.

What am I really waiting for? [NOTHING]. What would it really mean to fail? [not sure; someone might laugh at me]. What is really so scary about that failing? [Not sure now that I really consider it]. If I do not do IT now, do I really think I will do it later? [NOPE]. What are YOU waiting for?

The miracle makes its appearance and I realize the only way to make it happen is to actually MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Through grace and prayers and support, I share the miracle with others and start facing my fears. I start telling select people about this “book club” I am going to start in January. I remember a montra from long ago to “DO SOMETHING DAILY” and I do it. I start making time to type, not write, and make this blog come into existence outside of the special place it has had in my mind for years. I stop procrastinating and start doing. What could you start doing today?

And before I know it… My IT is HAPPENING.

I watch the miracle unfold and breathe deep and wait in expectation to see what happening looks like. It is not without little bits of fear, but mostly, it is with EXCITEMENT.

And I write and type and share because I know I need to be reminded and maybe you do too.

Maybe you could use this word of truth to make your IT happen.

Maybe we can pass this miracle on and you can be encouraged to stop procrastinating and start doing.

Maybe we can face our fears together and actually Make.It.Happen. ♥